It could be whittled down a few seconds by a GM

22 Jan

It could be whittled down a few seconds by a GM

And thats from a master player. It could be whittled down a few seconds by a GM, but this player was not harassed and executed it just about perfectly. Going 1 1 before speed is completely fine against 2 1 1. I loved the game, picked it up on PS4 when it came out last summer I think? It definitely a good length JRPG, took me about 65 hours to get the true ending. The bulk of the main story was fairly mediocre nothing terribly special, but the combat was just tons of fun and I really loved the main characters as well. Dana is easily the star of the show and I just couldn get enough of her story (which doesn get too much traction til the latter half of the game)..

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